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Hey. Please feel free to friend me and give me input! I am working on a goal/ new year resolution that people maybe interested in reading about. [its friends only just to protect myself from having ex-boyfriends or others that could potentially be hurt from it reading it :)]

The Goal: 100 Rejections

The Reasoning: Of course this sounds crazy to people. Who wants to be rejected 100 times? I'm not talking about making some one reject me but rather ask someone out and see what happens. When it comes down to it, I win either way. I either get a date or I get a point to my rejection list. This way I learn to deal with rejection in addition to boosting my esteem and making me go for things I want. Of course there is a chance that I will meet a really great guy and will never actually get to 100. But if that happens, doesn't it mean I win too? I currenlty have a buddy system in addition, which is going to help. I'm in a competition with two of my friends to see who can make it to zero first. This will help push me because I'm a competitive girl at heart.

Hopefully by the end of this experiment, I will
1) Be able to deal with rejection
2) Have a high self-esteem and go for what I want
3) Know the kind of person I am looking for
4) Have the act of flirting and asking people out mastered

and just a really great guy. If not? then maybe I'll go for 200 ;)
Wish me luck! and again..if you've got any tips let me know!

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